Milk…that ever-enduring milk…

For time immemorial it had been the basic staple food right from our growing up stage to when we have grown up.As a child we need it for growth and a grown up needs it for replenishing our nutrition daily.Tired and bogged down, need something to rejuvenate… take a glass of milk. Milk and dairy products contain many nutrients and provide a quick and easy way of supplying these nutrients to the diet with relatively few calories.

Milk, cheese and yogurt all provide the following beneficial nutrients in varying quantities:

Calcium: for healthy bones and teeth

Phosphorous: for energy release

Magnesium: for muscle function

Protein: for growth and repair

Vitamin B12: for production of healthy cells

Vitamin A: for good eyesight and immune function

Zinc: for immune function

Riboflavin: for healthy skin

Folate (Folic Acid): for production of healthy cells

Vitamin C: for formation of healthy connective tissues

Iodine: for regulation of the body’s rate of metabolism (how quickly the body burns energy) and the rate of growth