Pearl Corporation


Pearl Corporation is a business group which has acquired technology rights from DFRL to manufacture India’s First strip based Milk Testing Kit. The team is backed by rich experienced members from the field of manufacturing, packaging and innovative solution provider.

The Company is committed on sharing easy to use Milk Testing Kit under the brand name of TEST-O-MILK for uplifting the quality of milk and achieves zero tolerance on adulteration. The primary objective of the company to detect and help prevent adulteration in one of the most essential source of nutrition and save life of people from occurrence of health hazards.

Some elite and high-class quality conscious people afford to buy milk at the rate ranging from Rs. 80 to Rs. 150 per liter. But all sections of the society cannot afford it. A poorest of poor, a common man, a middle class person and a rich person all must get pure milk at reasonable rate by assuring reasonable price to a farmer for his pure milk and that’s our concern and motto.

To get pure milk is our National & Constitutional Right – We assure you can have it!